Done Quotes

Alphabet of Me
[A]vailable? Yeah
[B] Birthday August 18th
[C]rush? No
[D]rink you last had? Water
[E]asiest person to talk to? Depends on the subject
[F]avorite genre of music? Pop tbh but I listen to mix
[G]ummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy bears
[H]ad your first kiss? Still no
[I]nstrument? Nope
[J]uice? Apple
[K]illed? No
[L]ongest Trip? To Paris
[M]ilkshake Flavor? Stawberry
[N]umber of Siblings? One
[O]ne wish? To be happy
[P]erson who holds the best memories with you?  Idk
[Q]uiet or loud? Quiet
[R]easons to smile? Music
[S]ong? Broken Strings
[T]ime you woke up? 8:20am
[U]mbrella? Okay..
[V]egetable? Carrot
[W]arm at the moment? Yes
[X]-rays you've had? Yep, mouth
[Y]our favorite animal? Dolphin
[Z]odic Sign: Leo

when did
you decide
that i
wasnt enough?

I found true love,
but I never knew myself,
and even though it hurts,
I can't love someone
without learning to love myself first.
cause then we'll both be in ruins.

Credit for this format goes to alpaca prophet


The day I leave... I hope you all know... I tried... I tried so hard to be who you all wanted me to be... I tried to smile as often as I could even when I was holding in tears and smiling hurt... I tried because although I hate who I am.. Although I despise everything about me... I loved you all with everything. And I'm so sorry that my trying wasn't good enough... I'm sorry you all have to go through this... I'm sorry I couldn't be my best for any of you... I'm sorry because although I tried my hardest although I gave living everything I had... I just couldn't and I wasn't ever good enough for any of you. You all deserved a friend, daughter, sister that tried harder and was enough and was better. I loved you all so much. That never changed. I just couldn't stay because you asked me to. I couldn't make sense of living a life where every time I breathed it hurt. I'm sorry....
I hate waiting, I really do. I do the same thing every single day, just to be disappointed. Why should I even bother anymore?

I never thought you would do that... 
especially to me

I fell in love with anything self destructive.
" i dont know why everybody hates me so much. But maybe i do because now i hate me too. Right now, i dont see the reason for trying,or for talking, or breathing, im just done! "

Honestly I'm at a point where either every thing is funny and I smile all the time or I'm so upset and if you say the wrong thing I will burst into tears and/or slap your face

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