Dream Quotes

Hold onto me, cause I'm a little unsteady

God, I want to dream again
Take me where I've never been

           A dream about Seth Mcfarlane.
I had a random, but sweet dream of a man who I never would of dreamt about. He is a famous man, and in my eyes, he was the most beauitufl man that I ever seen in my entire life. His name is Seth Mcfarlane. It took place in a train station, built very uniquickly. And some how it all turned into a flying board from the future. The board had enough room for the both of us. Seth was sitting alone in his baord chair, looking at what was in front of him. I could tell, but mostly feel that he was enjoying the view of what he as seeing. I smile at him and I walk behind him and suprise him with a hug. I gave him the sweetest hug that I could give. And that hug meant how much he meant to me. I continue to hug him and as I do, I gave him a kiss in the cheeck and told him, " I am here". He grabbed my hand, touched it softly. We were holding hands but it was the type of hand holding where our fingers were locked together. And as he did so, he whisperd in my ear and said, "I like this". And I remember smiling at him. In my dream I could remember that he smelling amazingly good and so did I, that it combined the air that we were both sharing smell good. In my dream, we were a couple, a good faithful couple. We traveled together and we hunted mysteries together. It was for the dectectives  who could not solve for themeselves that we both believed we could do, so that we could help our nation, for the people. And all at once, it was all an inventurous hunt. He was not the man who people that he was. All serious and cold with his jokes. He was protective, had lots of patience. He was sweet and loveable and down to earth. I couldn't resist. And that made me love him even more. We both enjoyed having deep, serious and meaningful conversations and when ever it got emotional. Either him or I, would hold each other so tightly to comfort eachother. Preactically, each night was beautiful with him. The best that I ever had. He was my Sherlock Holms and I was his partner. His helper. His girlfriend, the love of his life. And the love of my life. And since we were on call all the time, we would grab our backpacks that carried important materials to solve exotics mysteries.

As we did so, we would give eachother a tight hug and a sweet kiss, saying together at the same time, "Lets go".  And so we headed out the door together.  And the dream was over. 

It all felt so real. And all honesty, I loved it. 

Thank you for reading. xxo
team: I had a dream that was stellar at the
time but turned out to be quite bad for me. 

this dream isn't feeling sweet
we're reeling through the midnight streets
and i've never felt more alone

I dream
In black & white
Because my world
Is empty of color.

- a. bentley

i've drowned & dreamt this moment, so overdue, i owe them,
 swept away, i'm stolen

I'd like to make myself believe,
That planet Earth turns s l o w l y,
It's hard to say I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
Because my dreams
are bursting at the seam

I close my eyes, and imagine a better world, a world that doesnt exist, a perfect combination of my hopes and dreams, and a bitter sweet memories that will come within.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, what I'm feeling now. It shouldn't come as a surprise; she's got darling hazel eyes.

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