Driving Quotes

red lights, stop signs
i still see your face
"A seeker of the material pleasure can never be a true motivational speaker, but only demotivator eventually for s/he can never uplift the morale of the spectators who are economically weaker."

~Anuj Somany

so remember when we were driving in your car
speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
and the city lights laid out before us


I've been roaming around
always looking down at
all I see,
Painted faces, fill the places I can't reach

Dear friend,

I must apologize to you because you are nothing but good to us, and we forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. So a great delayed happy birthday from all of us. Friend we love you. And good luck with your first driving lesson today!

-manly Alex

i love driving
when i get in my car
and turn that key
i feel infinite
as if i could go on
put my foot down
and never look back
just forget everything

sometimes i drive in circles
because i don't want to get
where i'm going
see faces
pretend to be happy
i'd rather just drive
with the music so loud
it drowns out my thoughts
my feelings

Me driving:@pedestrians ugh get off the damn street why would you walk in front of a moving car
Me as a pedestrian:hit me dude i dare you hit me I want you to pay my tuition

Sign on 295: "Destracted Driving Kills"

Thank you sign on the high for distracting me from my driving to read you and tell me I am going to die because of it. -_-

Dad: Don't tell me how to drive.

Mom: I'm not, I'm just expressing fear.

remember when we were driving,
                                                 driving in your car
                                                                  speeding so fast i felt like i was drunk
city lights lay out before us

                                           and your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

and i had a feeling i belonged
                                                                and i had a feeling i could be someone




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