Drown Quotes

i gave all my oxygen
to people who could breathe


everybody's changing
and I don't feel the same

how do i stop myself from being just a number?
how will i hold my head to keep from going under?

I couldn't wait 
till I got home
To pass the time
in my room alone

Your eyes are like oceans
and I'm slowly drowning in them

we carry things inside of us
that no one else can see
they hold us down like anchors
they drown us out at sea

Building up my walls 
just to tear them down
Telling me it's love
just to force me to drown

i've drowned & dreamt this moment, so overdue, i owe them,
 swept away, i'm stolen

Now I lay here waiting with the hope that I might find some sleep, I need some sleep tonight, cause I’ve been waiting on your call but I know it will never come but I’m still waiting by the phone.

     How dare you say you miss me with your spit still on her 

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