You're back in my life--and I'm still sad.

You weren’t made of magic, and you didn’t have galaxies in your eyes. You were just a boy with a crooked smile who told me I was beautiful. Now, you’re a fleeting memory–nothing more than a whisper in the wind.

(338/365) by (DS) 

don’t get too close, my love, i break everything i touch.                   
— // please save yourself // by (ds)


I loved you like the sun loves the flowers; I knew that when if we were too close to each other, it would only hurt you. So I stayed away, gave you everything I had, and watched you grow.

I loved you like a child loves a shooting star; I yearned to reach out and touch you, put you in a jar, and take you with me, but I knew that you were meant for greater things.

I loved you like moon loves the sun. I would have died every morning for you so you could shine.

I loved you quietly for so long. One day, though, you stopped listening,

// i loved you in every way but the right way // by (DS) 

I would have died a thousand deaths for a thousdand years, if it meant you were happy. 

// and it still wasn't enough for you // by (DS) 



One day, I will turn into stardust.




When I look into your eyes, I remember what it feels like to want to live.


I wonder if, when you said it, you knew forever was a lie. — (DS)

i. smaller portion sizes are important. so try to only drink one bottle of whiskey before bed, rather than your usual two.

ii. eat lots of vegetables! don’t even bother taking your medication; you’re sick because you don’t eat enough salad.

iii. don’t forget (like you could, with every single person you encounter reminding you), exercise is key. you want to kill yourself because you don’t go jogging enough. when you get the urge to go and stand on the ledge of your roof, and jump…take the stairs!

iv. don’t forget to put everything in perspective. remember, you can only be sad if you have it worse than every other person in the whole god damn world! don’t you remember? this is all one big competition about who life can fück over worse.

v. the most important thing to remember is…just be better! your feelings are totally something that you can pick and choose. if you don’t want to be sad anymore, just stop being fücking sad! if you’re anxious, you just need to relax! because remember, friend, your depression is making everyone else around feel uncomfortable (and we mustn’t have that!), so you just have to be happy! 


                                          "the five steps of being happy" by (DS)


Breathing was so much easier when you were a part of my life. — (DS)

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