Dumb Quotes

Cringe = Me
You're like a flip switch, always on and off. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
i need to sleep but my mind wont let me. is it really back to these days??


         ostalgia was not meant to
         be something repetetively
           experienced; at least not in
the way many people use it.
I don't want to live a life in which I'm constantly thinking about the good times
and desiring to go back to them.
I want to look back, be grateful for the experience, and also be grateful that I am happy now. There is no point in turning
back to the past. There is good now. You know more now. Your life is now. Live it the best you can. Soon, these will be the days you'll remember fondly.


And to think that you're somebody's daughter Away at college not getting smarter.

School Survey!

1.Grade/year? 11th.
2.Favourite Subject? Gym.
3.Ever been suspended? Yep.
4.School Uniform/Dress code? Dress code.
5.Mixed or all girls/boys? All.
6.How many subjects per day? Monday - Wednesday: 8 ;; Thursday - Friday: 4
7.Most important exams in your school/country? Maps, ITBS, ACT
8.Phones allowed? Some classes, and the hallways and lunch.
9.Effective anti-bullying campaign? Nah.
10.Do you take the School bus? Every other week.
11.Any ridiculous rules? Of course.
12.What time do classes start? 8:20 a.m.
13.What time do classes end? 3:05 p.m.
14.How long is lunch? 20 minutes.

Repost this,or answer in the comments,I'd love to know about other schools around the world :D

I love how all these people are out there making their quotes look all cool with the colours they use or a picture behind the quotes, and I'm just over here like "Dafuqq?"


welcome to Helsing Heights
where vigilante is the new celebrity 
and monsters aren't just things of legend


No, but my voice cracked and how embarrassing is that? I, a fully grown man, have resorted to acting like a prepubescent boy just looking at your smile, and how the sun is reflected against the sheen of your auburn hair. My palms are slick with sweat and I hope you don't know it but you do, I can tell. Because you look so smug and you keep trying to hold my hand, which I don't understand at all. God, I'm so gross why are you still looking at me. I hate you so much I want to wipe that smug look of your face with my face but not violently, no. Tenderly and lovingly and all those good words. You must know what I'm thinking because you're smart and I'm not. So naturally, you start mocking me in Portuguese and you know I don't even understand Spanish but still, you continue and I'm so confused. Are you asking me to leave? Because I can go if you want me to, I'll understand. And then you're really close and I'm really uncomfortable because I'm pretty sure if I can see your freckles than you can see I have really deep worry lines in my forehead. But now you're a breath away and suddenly you blow into my face, Like I'm a dog, before whispering "eu te amo" and I may be bad at languages but I took a (failed) course in Latin and so I'm pretty sure I know what that means.
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