Dutch Quotes

Een vreemd boeket staat in mijn leefkamer.

De donkerpaarse zwerm verwerkt niet.

Dus ik verwijder het niet

Al is de eetkamer gevuld met vliegen

Op zoek naar zoete vruchten

Die hier niet te vinden zijn

Al is de slaapkamer gevuld met scherven

Van kopjes die wij wanhopig

Niet proberen te breken

Maar we ruimen wel op

En de bloemen staan ze zo mooi

Ook al hebben ze geen geur.
On this day as grey as herring I'm writing you a letter where it blows
and seaguls make circles carried by the wind in the harbour
ropes iron wood and letters blue and white and nets barrels plastic 

bags poles containers devices I don't understand masts
flags windows ships comming from everywhere been everywhere
and I don't need to ask for anything, everything is already here

and you know the sea you sail on her you fight with her for what she can
miss - every ship that lies here now becomes a ship where you where every
seadull that flies here now a seagull that you saw as well and I love
you I think and I know that for sure by the way
but I'm so happy that you
already have a lover because everything is already here and I love longing so much
andI love being alone so much and I love thinking that it could
be if it could


Someone's put a lock on this old door,
it's been beaten up, and used and more,
It's been  kicked a hundred thousand times,
Leaving all the memories behind.
"You're in America, speak English."


Two continents

55 countries and dependant territories

1,500 immigrant, 750 indigenous Native American, and
five colonial languages

953.7 million 

And in the United States of America,
I have freedom of speak.

I'm sure that includes other languages,
Like something simple as Spanish.
406 million people do
, you can, too.

I'll stop speaking other languages when I don't give a single mierda about culture, heritage, and background.

And when I become an arrogant, snobby, ignorant swine.

Just like you.
Ik hou van je
Je t'aime
Kocham cie
Te amo
Rakastan sinua
  Jeg elsker dig
I love you
Format by Breeze

So I had to go into a kindergarten class to deliver some papers to the teacher
But I could see she was in the middle of a lesson so I waited.
The lesson was about learning about people's nationalities.
And where they came from.
She went around the room asking each student what their nationality is.
Each student replied proudly:

"American!" "Chinese!" "Italian!" "Mexican!" "Japanese!" "Dutch!"

She came around to the last student and asked him what his nationality was.
He seemed confused or uncertain of his answer.
But in a proud voice he said:

"I am Human."

Learning Dutch!

Trainer in Dutch is Trainer

Lession over c:
I looked up how to use
ik hou van je
in a sentance 
and it gave me
"Baby, ik hou van je omdat je mij beter kent dan ikzelf."
which roughly means
"Baby, i love you because you know me better than I know myself"
Google Translate is so sweet to me. \(^-^)/

I feel lonely if i don't can write Dutch :D
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