Dying Quotes

"Libraries are dying --"
The local library needs to become that place of congregation. It should combine coffee shop, book exchange, playgroup, art gallery, museum and performance. It must be the therapist of the mind. It must be what medieval churches once were.
Can you name a song for every letter of the alphabet?
A - "Absolute Zero" -Stone Sour
B - "Battle Born" -Five Finger Death Punch
C - "Coming Undone" -KoRn
D - "Diamond Eyes" -Shinedown
E - "Eyeless" -Slipknot
F - "Fade To Black" -Metallica
G - "Getting Away With Murder" -Papa Roach
H - "Hold Me Now" -Red
I - "Inside It's Raining" -Art Of Dying
J - "Jekyll And Hyde" -Five Finger Death Punch
K - "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" -KoRn
L - "Love Song" -KoRn
M - "Made Of Scars" Papa Roach
N - "Never Too Late" -Three Days Grace
O - "One Thousand Apologies" -Demon Hunter
P - "Public Enemy No. 1" -Megadeth
Q - "Question Everything" -Five Finger Death Punch
R - "Ride The Lightning" -Metallica
S - "Shallow Bay" -Breaking Benjamin
T - "Through Glass" -Stone Sour
U - "Unity" -Shinedown
V - "Vendetta" -Slipknot
W - "Word So Cold" -Mudvayne
X - "XIX" -Slipknot
Y - "You're Mine" -Disturbed
Z - "Zombie" -We As Human
I was fourteen when I had a vision
of my dieing by my own hand
not that day, not the next one
but soon because in the vision
I was still a little girl

I wept for my death
bought flowers, bought a black dress
prayed till my knees were red
to absolve my sins before I went

and then I didn't
not that year, not the next one
not before my eighteen and
not the years after

but the fear did not leave
there is still time and
n the mirror I still see
a little girl

Dying is easy. It's living that's hard 

Hey, how you doing?
Well I'm doing just fine. I lied,
I'm dying inside.


            You think the water can hold your weight          
                           Oh, you slip and you drown                           
              Guilt drags you down beneath the waves                 

I was too young to understand
The flowers slipping
from your
I was
to understand
I was too young
to understand


Will I make it out alive?

How do I escape my own head?


To live forever or die trying.

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