Easy Quotes

memories in photos
too easy to rewrite
left as lonely shadows
holding each other tight

nobody said it was easy
no one ever said it would be this hard


Everything happens for a reason.

Just like a heartbeat.
we all carry on somehow.

Stop thinking of the easy way out?
It gets better they say.

Only the weak give up,
No one said this is fυcking easy.

this would be a lot easier if you liked me as much as i like you
Βρίσκω ευκολότερο να σου περιγράψω την γεύση του νερού παρά το γιατί σε ερωτεύτηκα♡
Leaving was easy. It was everything else that was so damned hard.
- Lock & Key, Sarah Dessen

Either be happy with each other or don't be together.
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