Efuck Quotes

what would happen if we officially break up? should i have mentioned it at all?
should i have done it today instead of suggesting we separate?
who am i without you? what is life like?
does it feel better to suffer some while dating you than suffering while i am alone? could i make it?
why do i gravitate towards you, but then try to run away as i approach? is this what addiction is?
maybe it's good that we're taking time alone now. maybe. i have no f*cking idea.
i don't know what the hell i'm doing.

if we break up: i'll miss going to oyur house to play video games. i'll miss you getting excited about dogs. i'll miss your dogs. i'll miss your sweetness towards me. i'll miss your gentleness- a gentle i don't know i'll be able to find again. i'll miss your understanding. htat maybe most of all, next to the gentle and the sweet. i'll miss your adorable compliments, lifting my confidence up. i'll miss you... so why do i want to leave you?
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