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This campaign hears the voices of the outraged and the marginalized. 

(Then again, this campaign hears voices generally.)
The phrase “unify the party” should be dropped from the American vernacular. Who cares about unifying a party during a presidential primary election? Parties are nothing. People are everything.

The designation of a party “nominee” in the primary election is only a recommendation by that party. You don’t have to vote for your party's nominee when it comes time to vote for president.

You can still vote for whomever you wish in the general election.

The individual candidates should remember that too. Not getting ones party's nomination shouldn't be an excuse to give up. I'm repulsed by non-nominees trying to convince their supporters to vote for their former ideological enemies just to “unify the party.” That's disgusting behavior.

In the primary election, of course I'll vote for the person whom I want to become president as the nominee of my party. However, if they don't become the nominee, I'm not going to switch my vote to some other person in the same party whom I don't want to become president just to “unify the party.”

Why would I waste my vote on someone whom I don't want?

I'll wait until the general election and write in the name of the person whom I actually want to become president. That's why the blank space is there—so the will of the people can be counted regardless of the corrupting influences of any parties.
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