Emotional Quotes

It has been years since we spoke but I still think of you everyday. Now it's too late to put into words how I felt and how scared I was to let myself be with you. Both of us felt this huge pull towards each other but I kept running away, thinking we'd have time. I didn't want our friendship to change and I wasn't ready for the next step. And now that you're gone, all I'm left with is the guilt of not taking a chance for once in my life. This guilt is also twisted with feelings of betrayal when I think about the last time I saw you. I was vulnerable and you took advantage of that. I still feel the way your hands slid across my body and how you pressed yourself on top of me and I couldn't do anything to stop you. 4 years later I am still struggling with this yet I would give anything to see you again
Yo nunca seré de piedra,
Lloraré cuando haga falta,
Gritaré cuando haga falta,
Reiré cuando haga falta,
Cantaré cuando haga falta.
I will never be of stone. I will cry when it is necessary, scream when it is necessary, laugh when it is necessary, and sing when it is necessary.

It’s like she had a soul that was much too big for her; it filled her to the brim till there was no more space, so it flowed out through her eyes.


He saw you.
He met you.
He wanted you.
He liked you.
He chased you.
He got you.
He had you.
He got bored of you.
He left you.
He broke you.
Brown eyes
are just 'brown eyes'
until you fall inlove with
someone with
brown eyes.
Have you ever listened to
a song and broke down
and cried?
The crazy part is,
I don't have it in me to
do people how they've done me...
i have recently discouvered that i am pretty much unable to control my emotions. if i have a small argument, i dont just get annoyed i get extremely angry that i cant help but scream at that person and punch walls and shake and cry and i cant control the anger. and if my sad, im really sad and i cant do anything productive and have fits of unstoppable crying. if im guilty im really guilty and cant stop sayimg sorry and begging the person to forgive me. if i like soneone, i love them so much and cant admit they have ever done anything wrong to me and are obsessive. if i hate someome im consumed with hate. and if the only good thing about all this, is that if i feel extremely happy, i feel like i could take on the world. and all of these extreme emotions never last longer than a day, sonetimes they last a couple hours before im okay. anyone else like this or is it just me?

why am i so emotional?
no it's not a good look
gain some self control

It's alright to cry
even my dad does sometimes
So don't wipe your eyes
tears remind you you're alive

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