Encouragement Quotes

"Reach For The Stars And Never Let Go."
"Never let your fame go to waste, 
  cherish your fame always."

"Just believe you can have anything you have always wanted
  and it may come true one day."

"Don't just dream it,
  Live your dreams
  before you are too

"You have the talent to become
  the shining star you deserve to
  be in life."


Do not give up. You will stumble and fall, but overcoming discouragement is part of the test. I repeat do not give up.

If you have a friend
that's acting like a danger to
himself or herself, don't be afraid
to tell someone who you trust and
believe can help. They might be
mad at you afterwards, saying it
wasn't your secret to spill, but don't
be persuaded you did something
wrong. Because you didn't.
You did not.


you start where you are.
"YOU were created to make somebody else's life better.
Somebody needs your smile.
They need your love,
your encouragement and your gifts.
Now that I am older I scold myself for ever wanting to be popular. Popularity is for insecure people who need followers to be who they are. Being you means standing alone and doing what is right. It means not caring what other people think. It means pursuing your art regardless of how many followers you have. It means being confident. It means never quitting
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