Enemies Quotes

Oh what the heck, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy too. 
The friend of my friend is my enemy.
Never put too much trust in friends, and learn how to use your enemies.
my plan was to come home and play ps4 until everyone else got home. but instead I've literally just been sitting in silence for like the past 3 hours.
"When there is no enemy within, the
enemies outside cannot hurt you"

African proverb 
I'm my own worst enemy
that's scary
because my worst enemy
knows how to get the best of me
she knows all the things I know about us
and she won't leave me alone
Since it is likely 

Children will meet 

Cruel enemies, let

Them at least have

Heard of brave knights

And heroic courage.

~CS Lewis
Don't fear the enemy
that attacks you,

but the fake friend
that hugs you.

The saddest
thing about
betrayal is
that it never
comes from
your enemies
Since young, I wasn't really taught by my parents on 'how to love'. Life used to be very easy for me as we could afford to buy anything we wanted without complaints. I basically just did anything I wanted to, it was easy; but coming to reality right now when I'm becoming older, it's hard to accept people's love. I've rejected many, I've given many, I've learnt a lot. I've tried to be a good person, it didn't help much - I got betrayed, got played, got cheated, got fooled; and then I became a bad person, it was great - made enemies with many and I had friends whom actually are still friends with me since young. I tried being a nicer person again, but however with me doing so, things don't go the way I want them to, you know? I had to overcome being lied to and being fooled, it's not so nice. Once, I felt like I've begun to like this significant other, so I took a chance into talking to him, trying to make friends with him, trying to make him comfortable talking to me; I had to be nice. But you know what? He demanded for things, things I couldn't give. I tried so hard to avoid some topics I wouldn't go through with him, I tried so hard, but he just kept coming and coming. Demanding, for more...and more. Trust, is hard. Being nice is such a misery, I'd always have to remind myself not to hurt anyone's feelings, but now, I really can't. When people are too nice, other people treat it as an advantage to take over. I really don't know to whether be nice or not.
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