Equality Quotes

I like the rainbow flag because it doesn't include mauve.
My genitals do not define my gender


THe BesT waY
           I CAN LOVE YOU IS            
by not losing myself in you, BUT GROWING WITH YOU.


breathing ain't that easy
and shots fall way too fast 
it never was over 
the stuff ain't in the past 
the struggle is real
you can't deny it 
open your eyes 
and look around 
all the places 
all the people 
all the souls 
on the ground
"why" you ask 
We need to answer 
and I say " yes"
It's in the past 
We had a dream
and I still have 
that things can change 
and everyone can breathe
That people can follow 
and don't have to question
don't have to wonder
why they can still breathe 
cause this is a world
about to go down
feels like suffocating 
as soon as a shot lays you down
drowning to the ground
and you will scream
" I can't breathe" 
the river of blood
it strangulates your faith
it goes too fast 
and they will reply
" and I can't hear" 
and all you do
you want to now 
"why did you shot me?"
"why'd you let me go?" 
- M.R
"the most fair thing about life is that it's equally unfair."

Opinions are things like "I think orange juice is rad", "I think TFIOS is overrated" or "I love Fall Out Boy more than I love myself"
Not "I think gay marriage should be illegal", "pan and bi people are just confused", "asexuality doesn't exist" or "abortion should be illegal" 
Once your opinion involves groups of people, it becomes a social stance. 
Gender equality is not women shaming and hurting men.
Gender equality is not women being prejudice towards men
and generalizing men as a whole. 
It is not revenge for how women were once treated and 
are treated in other countries today. 
Gender equality is equality.
women =  men. men = women. 
Surrounding people whom a person likes
is not really getting ones who he is like character wise

as individuals of same nature befriend by default and not by design of own choice.

~Anuj Somany
Love doesn't choose a boy or a girl.

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