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5 Steps For Starting A Business

If you are a business owner that has a concept that can be easily replicated, franchising can provide an opportunity to grow your business at a fast pace. If you go about the franchising process the right way, you will be headed down the road to success. Here are the EPGD Law 5 steps to help guide you through the process:
omg who remembers bringmetheeric!!!!!
Here is chapter 2 :3
Hope you enjoy it :D

i like how you make me laugh and i like your smile. and i like your freckles. every one. that's a lot. when i see a pretty flower i think of you. when i stare at the clouds in the sky i think of you. when i have butterflies in my tummy it's probably your fault. i don't mind though. one time i dreamt about us. i didn't mind that either. we hung out the other night, and you were so adorable, and i don't have anything else to say except i like you more than anyone else. urhighuigh          
" You  don't  know  me  that  well.  My mad  face  and  my  happy  face  are the  same."

- Pam.

True Blood season 5.


You have no idea how much you'll miss someone till they are really gone.

I went online and noticed a comment he wrote on my blog 3 months ago.

He asked me: " what do you think about me?"

without a thought, I instantly replied him that

"he is the most lovable person in the world. he has the most awesome personality, greatest taste in music, most considerate and walks into your world when everybody walks out. Not to mention, no matter what happens he will always be there for you, comfort you and sort the problems out for you. He will tell you stuff that he would tell no body. He understands you and he's the kind of friend that everyone should have. simply because eric is awesome and no words in the world can describe the way I think about eric." 


I just realized how much I try to forget about this, and him and the memories we shared.



he is still the eric I once said he was and forever will be.



Make sure you read this if you're watching after me from heaven.

I love you, Eric.


I really like the way Eric says whatever is on his mind, rude or not. He knows he may offend people or get criticism for what he says, but he is brutally honest and that's a quality not many people seem to have anymore. I respect him for it. He also seems like a carefree, confident person who is comfortable in his skin and doesn't look for the approval of others; he's simply who he is. So, I really admire Eric's gut, wit, and determination to stand by his beliefs. I feel that more people should be like him. Thanks for setting an example, Eric.
for reality, because we're not really connected with it.

So, I have this friend, Eric, and he movied here from Alabama. He was in
my math class and, for some reason, we were talking about how there's usually a game of Yankee Swap at a Christmas party. But I guess they call it "Dirty Santa" in Alabama and oh jeez I love the south.
I most likely won't be on this summer. I'm going to be a senior in highschool next year. Bye witty :)

Eric, if you read this, I still love you. I still try to find ways everyday to try to contact you, and I feel like you just don't want to be found. If you see this, please contact me somehow. Text, voicemail, call, email, even Gaia. I miss you so much.

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