Best Everytime Quotes This Month

Want to know why I'm single?

You meet a guy, randomly start talking one day, he compliments you on everything he can: "you're gorgeous", "you're cute" etc.. he asks about your past relationships, you tell him you've been hurt before he says " I would never hurt you", you tell him some funny life stories, he tells you his. he starts flirting with you and you start to think he's a really nice guy, you then flirt back. He asks for your number, you give it to him straight away. Quickly; speaking to him becomes your daily routine, you count on him speaking to you, and whatever he does you smile instantly. He asks about your day and you speak all night. The night conversations are always the best. He always asks you if you're tired or you want to go to sleep but you say no and stay just to talk to him. You get butterflies every single time he speaks to you. You now tell your friends how much you like him. You're over the moon. You feel like the happiest girl in the world. but then one day, he randomly stops talking to you, stops putting the effort in and you have no idea why, you know something's changed but you're confused. He stops putting the effort in and you become all clingy and feel like a pest every time you pick up the strength to say "hi" to him, you come to a conclusion that its all your fault and he's mad at you for whatever you have done. He says "sorry, i've been busy" so, you let it go, but for days after maybe weeks and he's still busy constantly. every time you talk to her it becomes an argument, over the most stupidest of things.. you then stop putting the effort in thinking it works both ways, but it doesn't. You then stop speaking, weeks or months go by and you still haven't spoken. You notice that they call every other girl "perfect" and all the other things he called you. He's fine without you. He has already moved on and you're still mad and upset. You still hope that one day he will pop up and everything will go back to how it was, back to normal but you know that will never happen, you now compare every other guy to him. He forgot about you a long time ago, and you still don't want to believe you got played.
And that my friends, is why I'm single.

Me: takes out popsicle
Popsicle: looks reddish/orangish through white wrapper so you can't tell if it's red or orange

Me: please dont be orange please dont be orange please please
Popsicle: is orange

BravoSierra's format

Me: oh that's cute!
Me: *checks price tag*
Me: no it's not.
I restart the whole song when I miss my favourite part.


When you change your answer on
a test only to find out later that your first answer was right.


teacher: it's pajama day tomorrow
that one kid: what if i sleep naked

I can't stand when people say a
babies age in months after a year old. Like, "Yeah, he's 29 months old."
"Bit/ch, don't make me do the math."

cashier: i’m sorry i need ten more cents
me: oh god *fumbles around in bag for money* i’m so sorry *drops everything* here just- *pulls out wad of cash* take this fifty
Teacher: So you'll be getting your tests back now. But before you do, let me ramble for half an hour about completely irrelevant things while you all stare at me in anticipation lol
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