Exciting Quotes

 i'm coming out of the closet. i am a shirt. i haven't been worn in months. this is exciting

im just excited to see what my future will bring me

my parents and grandparents have all these cool stories about when they were young
and the only exciting thing that happened to me was when my dad accidentally called me dad


I can't wait!! Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm going to get a new phone sometime tomorrow. My cousin and my niece are coming over and we are going to make 2 layer yellow cake and chocolate chip cookies.
Won best delegate in SOCHUM at Harvard Model UN 2014 (:
Actually felt truly good and happy for once...
So NASA says that a strange rock appeared in front of the rover after taking another picture. Best description that NASA, the huge science aerodynamics group involving space discoveries, was that it looked like A JELLY DONUT. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't recall, JFK said "Ich bin ein berliner" which translates to....I'm a jelly donut. WHICH MEANS: JFK IS FROM MARS, AND THAT PEOPLE FROM BERLIN, MARS. Just as your....fun theory of the day :D 
Forever waiting for something exciting to happen to me...
The Road To Succes Is Always Under Construction
Sometimes, I wish I could just close my eyes and
...They said college would be the best years of my life...

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