Facebook Quotes

It's probably stupid and it shows the day and age we live in,  I don't get much adds on facebook but when the guy I liked added me, it just made me feel like he liked me, even if it's just as a friend..

man, I'm so werid, I'm sjure super inscure also..
"More a person loves to have online likes on own face,
Less should be believed on whatever s/he says."
~Anuj Somany
    May Your Life Be Filled
With Lots Of Awesomeness
    And You Find The True
    Meaning Of Happiness
      As You Pretend It Is
            On Facebook.


It makes me sick to my stomach at how addicting the sadness is.


Facebook annoys me so much
I just find it stupid

Professor: What inspired you to write this essay?
Me: The due date 


when your on facebook and the person you like is online and you dont have the balls to pop up to them and stare at their name for an hour or so..
but like guys, when I said my best
friend f.ucked me over, I mean she got
mad at me, blocked me on facebook,
and got her mom to call my mom and
like, my mom called randomly and 
told me not to do anything, and I was
crying over the loss of a friendship so
hard that I didn't even put it together
until so much later. my sister like had
to drag me out of the house to distract
me. and my mom like paid me $20 as 
if she was paying me to not off myself.

am I depressed? well, I mean, if I was I

think it'd be justified. did I say some things
I shouldn't have? maybe. but it was nothing
she hasn't said to me first, and did I ever
cross the line and call her mom? no. I 
know that kinda s.hit is stuff you don't go
spreading around. boundaries, man.

you messaged me on facebook, telling me how much you miss me..

but the thing is,

do you truly, honestly miss me?

or are you just bored again?

Add me on facebook Reghan Alexis Witty. I'm here for you ❤️
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