Fairytale Quotes

take me to your
happily ever after

In this fairytale called life
I am just as much the princes in the tower
as the dragon guarding it

don't you think
you can ever slay the beast
it came here for my protection
and is here to stay

you may think I'm a prisoner
to my own fear and anger
but they give me wings
and you arived too late

I wont appolagize for 
my sharp teeth and fire
as long as you long for
the soft body that holds it

so tame my dragon
learn it language and calm it
and you get the princes
as your reward

I don't want a knight in shining armour. I'll wait for a man that had his metal tested.
If you find the dividing line between fairy tales and reality, let me know. In my mind, the two run together, even though the intersections aren’t always obvious. The girl sitting quietly in class or waiting for the bus or roaming the mall doesn’t want anyone to know, or doesn’t know how to tell anyone, that she is locked in a tower. Maybe she’s a prisoner of a story she’s heard all her life- that fairest means best, or that bruises prove she is worthy of love.

This is a modern fairytale,
no happy endings; no wind in our sails.


    D    o    n    '    t            r    u    s    h           i    n    t    o            l    o    v    e      .            
r e m e m b e r    t h a t    e v e n
in fairytales ,

t  h  e        h  a  p  p   y         e  n  d  i  n  g s          t  a  k  e        p  l  a  c  e 
o n   t h e     l a s t     p a g e .

please remember you're no part of a fairy tale
not a damsel in destress
there's no villan to blame
nobody gave you a cursed apple
you have to be your own hero

please remeber that pinoccio wanted to be a real boy
and rapunzel wanted to walk in the woods
and you can walk in the woods
you can wake up without anybody kissing you
the real magic is happening in this world

pease remember you can walk in someone's life yourself
no need to marry the first man walking into your life
because those guys love their girls voiceless
please know better than that
don't you ever settle for a prince

life is no fairytale.

I realised romanticised you

To the point that,

I wanted you to be my happily ever after

And help me live out my fantasy,

Even when

You became the Prince Charming

Who handed me the poisoned apple

On a silver platter.

But princess, happily ever after doesn't exist.

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