Family Quotes

Your peop are the ones who would see you hit rock bottom and stay to hold your hand until you climb back to the top of yourself again. 
My husband will say it's my fault. 
He's not wrong, he's never wrong.
I'm finally done straying. 
I promise. 
I also realized how long it took for us to get 
this lucky? 
I hope it stays like this. 

my husband and I
we have a child. 

I often wonder how did we got so lucky? 
as I sit here watching them dance.
so quirky.
There's nothing so precious as a mother's love.  So even if I did have to pay my mom nearly $35,000 to love me, I think it was a good investment.

 Was it all a lie? how strong I was? was i pretending all this time? because this sure feels like weakness, it's all come flooding back. I am part of you and no matter how much running i can do from that, it remains an unchanging fact. I will never escape you.

It's so hard to climb out of this hole I'm in.
The walls are thick and the air is thin.
You stand at the mouth, rope at your feet
and tell me this is a battle I alone must beat.
I cry out, but my voice is too weak
and the hole is too deep
So I curl up and weep
As shadows and monsters creep
Inside the hole, to where I lay
And still you stand, one thing to say
"Help yourself. It's better that way."
we've been trying to reach my brother for over a year and he wasnt getting any of our messages...because none of them were delivered...maybe he wasnt trying to ignore us after all, but he wasnt pursuing us...and im still not sure how i feel about that.
Update number 2:
Its been another 3 years since Ive logged in to Witty. It took me over an hour to guess my username.
I broke into tears reading my sad posts from 5-6 years ago.. posts about suicide, begging for love and most of all, never being good enough.

I am now 21, MARRIED and have a BABY, a seven month old son, as well as with two dogs.
So please, listen to me when I say,

Pray for me ! Everybody please wish me luck.
I'm alone,and scared. I'm about to cry but I wanna be strong. God help me please...I need you right now so much 😢. PLEASE...
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