Famous Quotes

  Don't you know that you're all that I think about?
You make up a half of the whole


 We're all just looking for love
to change the world

💝People are gonna judge anyways so live life as much as you want💝

 And that's the thing about people
who mean everything they say.
They think everyone else does too.


  For you,
a thousand times over

~Its not that im saying the wrong stuff, its just that you dont want to hear what's the truth~
"im done with you, you changed,
i cant be with you anymore

did you hear the aching of my heart
did you hear the clenching of my throat
did you hear my world shattering before my eyes

is that why you came back?
When I ate you said,

When I slep, you hit me and said
"stop snoring"

When I drove, you said
"let me drive you suck"

When my natural curls were out, you said
"why isnt ur hair straightened"

And then after a month, you said
"you changed"

I changed because of you, not because I wanted to
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Happy Holi To Everyone !!!!
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