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I need to get away from inside of my brain
I feel some type of way
I'm dancing all alone surrounded by everyone else
I do it to myself
Not asking for your help, for your help
So don't you mind
I'm doing just fine, I'll be fine, I'll be fine
B e b e  R e x h a

Please don't go, don't go
Don't go away
Please don't go, don't go
I'm begging you to stay
If you leave at least in my lifetime
I've had one dream come true
I was blessed to be loved
by someone as wonderful as you

KC & The Sunshine Band

All we are
We're distant stars
Lost in the dark
I know how to part
Searching high
And low for life
A paradise
A light in your eyes, ooh ooh
I knew it's you
It's true
I was standing on holy ground
So heart don't fail me now
And even if the walls were falling down
It will always be us, be us
This is holy ground.


I hate to think about you with somebody else.
[The 1975-Somebody Else]

Daryl: what do you see when you look at me?
Carol: I see you.

Promise that I will not take it personal, baby If 
you're moving on with someone new 
baby you look happier, you do my
friends told me one day I'll feel it too And until
then I'll smile to hide the truth  but I know 
was happier with you 
 sat on the corner  of
the room everything's reminding me of you
nursing an empty bottle and telling myself
you're happier aren't you?
[Ed Sheeran]
Say I hate you cause
I knew that you would
never love
me too
[Lil Peep-Kiss]
Reliving every single moment
Say what you mean, it's now or never because nothing is forever
I won't lie, this hurts more than you'll ever know
The thought of you all alone
Your eyes rolled back as you fade to black
It's not worth living without you
That's when something told me that
If I pinch myself so that I wake
That means it never really happened
'Cause I can feel my tears finding their way
I fear it's worse than I imagined But
I'll hold this memory and
I swear I won't forget your face
'Cause pictures always seem to fade away
Now my blood turns red to blue
(Now my blood turns red to blue) and
I can't breathe without you
[Mayday Parade-Looks Red,Taste Blue]
drop everything, come back to me.
[mayday parade-just out of reach]
When you go
would you have the guts to say
I don't love yo
like I loved you yesterday
[My chemical romance-I don't love you]
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