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my whole life seems like a fanfiction

Fanfics on Wattpad b like...

hi, im alyssa martinez 
im 14 yrs old
i has blue eyes blonde hair tan skin and the body of a model but i still cry about how ugly i am 
my parens r rch and tey giv me erything i want 
i luv 1D they r lek so hot 
someway me n harry r gonna get marred and have babes 
i am liek such a spoled brat dat dis summer, aldoe I failed da 8th grde and was a bish to ma parens they got me 1D tckets!!!!!!!!
im so hppy! imgunna meet 1D!!!! 
me bae, april is c*ming 2!  
*at da concert* 

aldoe there was liek, a jillion oder pplz my bae harry locked his eyes wid myne 
he wnts me 
he wnts me body
he wants ma boooottaaayyy 
i knew i luked sexaii with ma face caked in makup n ma shorty shorts 
ater da concet ery1 waz gunning hme, expt me. 
i wsnt leafing util me and harry got 2gether 

aters note: plz like and comment fer nxt chaper and complement me on ma awesom righting if u no like me story den you a stupid h0e 

Hi guys! 
I know I never come on here anymore, but I am still active on Wattpad. I'm currently working on a few All Time Low stories and I have a nonFanfic in the works (i'm not posting it until i'm completely confident. I'm really loving the story line though). If you're interested in reading them my user is Darkenedangel98 and to everyone who I've made friends with ever that I've kind of neglected ((like OnceUponAStory)) and probably 37958302 other people, I'm ALWAYS on Twitter (@darkenedangel98), Tumblr (freakinweirdbro) and Kik (shilohrider98). Never hesititate to message me. I miss the friends I used to have here. But please check out my Wattpad stories, I'm going to try to update a bunch more often and if enough people ask for some older stories that I haven't updated in forever, I'm always open to starting to write them again. I love you guys and thank you for the support you've all shown me over the past few years <3
A summary of my new Luke Hemmings fanfiction, One Month.
Written in the third person.
One Month
Roquelle is an eighteen-year old girl from San Deigo, California. She, along with her best-friend Macy, are going to Australia for
the whole month of July.
But, quite un-expecdetly, Roquelle stumbles upon a young man names Luke.
Find out about Roquelles past, family and struggles.
And so much more!

Authors Note: So, I know it seems really bad. But it's actually a good story. 100% by me!

"Year 2018. Lelouch vi Britannia, the 11th Prince, and 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, who had been gifted with the power known as Geass and swore to destroy the world and rebuild it, died in the hands of the terrorist known as Zero. 
After his death, all of the energy which was spent in wars, started to be spent in charity and in good wishes. "

"He climbed up to where the Prince was, and... swish! The sword went right through Lelouch's body." Read  Hana.

"Zero! Zero! Zero! That guy's really amazing, isn't he, Kako-chan?" Exclaimed an adventurous boy called Kenji.

"Uh?  Oh... yeah, yes, he is. "  Said Kenji's and Hana's younger sister.

"When I grow up, I want to be just like him!" Stated Kenji while grinning.

"Ha,ha,ha!" laughed Hana, their older sister. "I think it will take you a long time  to fulfill your wish. You should start by going to sleep; a hero must had slept for him to be able to save the world." she said, with a loving smile to her younger siblings.

Hana closed the book, left it on the night table, and turned off the lights. 

"Good night!" she said,  while walking out of the room.

"Good night!" answered the kids.

Ten years later...

"Kako-chan! Run faster!" Said Kenji, worried.

"Brother! I-Im trying but... I can't! " Answered the girl, wishing to be faster. "What if we never--?

"Kako-chan! Don't worry, we'll soon arrive." Interrupted her brother.

A few meters more and they would arrive... to their Maths class. Both of them studied in Ashford Academy, though, they were new, so always got lost easily. Kenji was a year older than his sister, but he didn't pass fifth grade, so, since then, Kako has been his classmate. Kenji checked his watch. 'Damn, we're already late!!!' he thought as he saw their classroom door.

They stopped running a few meters before they reached the door to regain breath. 

"We made it!" said Kako happily while panting a bit. 

"Yeah, we made it..." said her brother.

They walked to the door and Kenji opened it.

"Sorry we're la--W-what?!" he said, surprised to see that there was none of their classmates nor their teacher, Mrs. Takahashi, but a strange girl with green hair, unknown for him and his sister. 

This girl was sitting in one of the desks, with a lost look, staring into nothing. 

"Uh... excuse me... who--?" Said kako, but was cut off by the odd girl.

"C.C.; call me C.C." 

check out the harry styles fan fiction on wattpad :

New Chapter Of
Far, Far AwaY
has been posted on Wattpad.


Guys, I have made a discovery. There is presidential fanfiction.

a chapter of my fanfic

has been posted.

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