Fat Quotes

my family is so weird. like they are verbally abusive and then wonder where the hell my depression comes from. I sleep til 3 because everyone is gone at that point and I don't have to hear how fat and lazy I am at 10 minute intervals.
Mirror Mirror
Cant you see?
What you show
Killing me.
Mirror Mirror
Cant you see?
What you show
Killing me.
" why does he think he's fat."
" why do you think your not perfect."

Everyone has a flaw, the all mean the same thing, don't question others insecurities.
The things I wish I could say about you, the father of my child. I used to could say some of the kindest things, but now the things you say are cruel. You tell me you don't love me, when you used to tell me everyday. You would run your fingers through my hair now instead you'd rather pull it. You used to hold my heart carefully in your hands, but now you'd rather crush it. Instead of telling me I'm beautiful each and everyday you tell me how ugly and fat I am. You tell me I can never take care of our baby right. And when you don't have to work and I'm so happy your home so we can spend days together you leave me and our son all alone at home to hang out with your friends. Last year around this time we were so full of love we were bursting from the seams. Now you are filled with hatred towards me. I can't help that I have stretch marks and gained some baby weight but you were so happy when we found out that I was pregnant. Now you look at me with disgust and only hold your son to feed him. You never sit and talk to him for hours at a time like I do. But, I know you love him. I just wish I knew you loved me too. :( But sadly I know you don't love me anymore but I don't want our son to have split up parents so I'll take all your abuse like a pill one at a time until my body can't take it anymore.
     I wish i could be skinny

I think im finally fat enough to be a good "roll model" 
Calling someone fat, won't make them slim.
Calling someone ugly, won't make them pretty.
Calling someone dumb, won't make them smart.

So Just Think Next Time You Speak, For God Damn's Sake ..

Falling in love with someone who doesnt know you exist, Forever alone 101.

I'm a million other things besides fat.
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