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Hi guys!
My names Mariam,
And I entered this competition in honor of the family I lost in Syria.
My cousins always told me if there was one thing I could do, was sing.
And in honor of them, I promised myself to raise as much money as I can to help other Syrians in Syria.
So this talent opportunity came along, and so far I dont have many votes, so if anybody who sees this could please vote for me?
I'd appreciate it more than anything. xx

Here's the link:


Do me a favor and go check out my story Please:


hey everyone. I need your help. can you do me a favor, if you get a chance, can you help me with a project that im doing for class. All you have to do is submit a post (its anonymous) tell me about your online dating experiences and how its impacted you. Thank you. Heres the tumblr. To submit go to the left hand corner click the thing that has three horizontal lines and click tell me your story and go. Also if the ask box doesn't have enough room for your story, you can send me the story in a private message here and I will post it. Just include your age and what gender you identify as. There is no judgement, Thank you in advance for contributing
Hey movies, so I'm on here every once and a while but if you can ready my story called "keeping it in" on quotev.com my user in there is clearlytruthful just like it is in here. Its kinda been like my other way to get my emotions out because everyone thinks its just a story, stuff is fictional and over exageratrd but the main ideas of everything are true so please read it.

I need to ask all you wonderful ladies for a HUGE favor please! all youll need to do is copy and paste the link in this quotes comments and hit the heart button on all the pictures! long story short im in a contest with american eagle and this week's prize is a really nice camera I am not able to afford! If you go to the profile and "like" all the pictures Then i will return the favor for you :) i'll follow you or like all your quotes, whatever you want just let me know :-) 


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Hey guys,
Could you do me a huge favor and check out my new story on Wattpad? (my English isn't good so I apologize in advance)

Kk, so I’m new to this shid, but favorite this quote for a rate. 

do me a favor 
when you find that special someone
make them feel like you made the sun for them 
   Dear Readers,

I would like to ask a favor of you...

I am still going to write Aided by an Angel so don't worry!
But I've started yet another story that I am really excited about.
I will not be posting it on witty, though because it's very long and detailed.
So at the bottom of this quote, I will leave you with a link to my Wattpad.
If I get a good response from you guys who read it, I will notify people on Witty.
The story is called You & I & Her and the idea/plot is based completely off of
Ed sheeran lyrics, but it is not a fan fiction so don't get all excited or disappointed.
I just got bored in US History one day and thought, "Hey Ed Sheeran lyrics."
And boom, this was created.
So please let me know what you think! I love you if you go and read it!
-Amber xx

Raise awareness for the growing problem of suicide and self-injury in America, and make March 1st nationally acknowledged

Please help our fellow Americans by standing beside them and supporting them while they are having suicide or self-injury problems. They need help, and raising awareness about the issue can increase support for them. This is a problem in America and we want people to be aware that this is something they need to know about. March 1st is Self-Injury Awareness Day, get it to be a nationally acknowledged day.
So please sign the petition in the link below. Please share it with your friends!


Thank you for your time.
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