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He could stare God right in the eye and tell him, "If loving her is a sin, I want no place in heaven."

god dam.........mit, an entire generation pumping gas,waiting tables. slaves with white collars.
advertising has us chasing car and clothes,
working jobs we hate, so we can buy sh..........it
we don't need.
we're the middle children of history, man.
no purpose or place.
we have no great war. no depression.
our great war is a spiritual war, our 
great depression is our lives.
we've all been raised on television to believe
that one day we'd all be millionaires and 
movies gods and rock stars.
but we won't.
we're slowly learning that fact.
and we're very, very p..............iss.............ed.




Because theres nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean  

refuses to stop kissing the shioreline

no matter how many times it's sent away.


Chins up, Smiles on

     Hearts can't be broken


Go ahead boy;
you deserve to smile.
&I know i'm not your everything,
but I was for a while.
I see the way she makes you feel,
&I just hope you dont get hurt.
because not a day passes by,
where I don't wish I was her.
I go through all our messages,
& the pictures on the floor.
but they only keep reminding me,
that you don't need me anymore.
I'll always be the stupid girl,
&you'll never know how much you meant to me.
&you'll always be that amazing boy,
who is and was, my everything.
quote credit: TheMascaraSeries
we laughed. i did'nt care how big my smile lines were, or what i sounded like when i got hysterical. i was careless, fearless, un-hurt, un-touched. and somehow, in that moment, that was good enough for me.

Life is like a piano. The white keys represent
happiness, and the black keys represent the
sadness in between. But as life goes on, you
will realize the black keys make music too.


"You  are  never  too  old  to  set  a  new  goal
or dream a new dream."
- C.S. Lewis



(format credit to OneDirection)

When all is said and done, more has been said than done.
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