Feel Quotes

I want to be loved. I want people to want me around but not just for the things I can do for them or the things I say to make them feel better, but someone to talk to me just because they want to see how I'm doing or see how my day went, not just so they can always talk about themselves. (Don't get me wrong I have always been a listener more than a talker, and I want to know about how your feeling bad and what's going on, to see if I can help in someway, but when they only talk about that for days and days on end and there just wining about it everyday, all day long that's when I get annoyed.) I want to have deep meaningful conversations and have some time alone with my friends, and not this endless, mindless, meaningless conversations at work or at home. I could go on and on about this but then that would just be ranting and that's not want I want to do here, even if this whole things is a bit of a rant, each, I guess I will quit while I'm not to far gone
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't want you back



so, where I live people just love to illegally ride 4 wheelers on the road. they always stir up my dogs and drive back and forth and refuse to stop when we try to get them. today, my puppy that wasnt even a year old, got hit and died. he's usually very good at not going down to the road. except when it comes to people riding 4 wheelers ILLEGALLY. it's loud and they usually go slow enough to alarm the dogs and they start to chase. i feel like such crap. i wanted them to be put in the pen but everyone refuses to do so. and i havent spent much time with him since he was born- and even when i have, it always consisted of him and his brother playing on my bed around me. especially lately because of work. and now i have his brother and im going to spend more time with him. and that makes me feel worse because Pi would have loved more time with me. he would have loved to sleep in my bed with me more. he was so loving. and i didnt really do that with him because he had his brother and they were always playing outside and i was always working or sleeping. all i can think of is his sad puppy eyes looking at me from outside the door, wanting me to come play or him to come inside to play and its breaking my heart. i didnt deserve him.
No matter where how far you wander
For a thousand years or longer
I will always be there for you
Right here with you

You're so amazing you shine like the stars
You're so amazing the beauty you are
You came blazing right into my heart
You're so amazing you are...
I can't say that I'll love you forever
I won't say that I'll love you forever
You take the good and all the bad that comes with me.
I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray 
When I get a little scared 
I want to believe in more than you and me
But all that I know is I'm breathing.
I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
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