Feelings Quotes

I know that I am falling too hard, too fast, but I don't know how to stop it.
I feel schadenfreude, but about me.
Liar who said he does not love كاذِبٌ مَنْ قالَ أَنَّهُ لا يحِب💑

So here's my heart for you if you want it
It's got a couple bruises on it
Sometimes it breaks down
And it doesn't work quite right
But you bring it back to live
You bring it back to life 💜

~The words I can't say through my mouth flow through the

streams that are considered my tears~
I'm cooped up in my feels and it's kinda hard to get out of it.
Partly I'm depressed because of him. To be honest, everywhere I go, something always reminds me of him. I go to a place and I remember the times that we had there. I see a similar car of his, I think of him. The list goes on. Another part is past memories. I was much more happier back then. It was calming and nothing could stop me. I am being stopped from enjoying life because of my sadness. All of this is my fault because I let the thought get to me. I hate myself for letting myself feel the way I do.
~The text I expected the least made me smile the most. Especially when I couldn't in the moment, on my own or from a certain someone~

2:47 PM
Okayyyy so emily and pebs both see me as their daughter, so i have called them "mom" and " dad" before and thanks to society, daddy is viewed as the " FASTER " or " HARDER " Daddy shizz

2:47 PM
That was the first time it slipped out as " daddy" though

Dusty💚🔑💯 2:48 PM
Im.... done....

Dusty💚🔑💯 2:48 PM

2:49 PM

Dusty💚🔑💯 2:49 PM
You're just proving my point mam...

2:50 PM
When the frick did i become a "mam" i literally just called myself a kid.

2:50 PM

2:50 PM

2:50 PM

2:50 PM

One thing I hate about myself is telling others and trying so hard to convince them you're happy . . . and then an hour later, I admit i'm falling apart.~~~ One thing I love about myself is that, I at least, admit what I lied about at all.
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