Fitin Quotes

Why can't I just fit in?
Have you ever looked at yourself
and wondered
why you are different? 
►Why can't you look like everyone else? 
Why can't you be loved like the rest? 
Why can't I have a family as perfect as the world?

Why do I
still love him after he's hurt me so badly?
And I guess I'm just trying to fit in in a world that wants me out
Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?
When you walk into school today
Look around you
Look at the masses of people
Some laughing
Some joking and chatting
Some wishing to get away

Look around you
Because everyone has a story
Look around you
A story like yours
Look around you
They aren't so different from you.

Stay Strong

I found where I belong.

If he likes it,
she likes it, 
Bottom line.
I will never give up
Even though there is no place for me to fit in
They boys and girls in the click
The awful names that they stick
You're never gonna fit in well, 
Some of you are just trying to FIT IN. Fit in where? in the "cool group". Some of you deny it, some of you replace your friends just to hang out with them for a while. You stare at them as if they were GODESSES. You want to be invited to one of those parties so much. Piece of advice friends like those don't last and a party is not a party without your girls.
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