Fivesecondsofsummer Quotes

You're the only thing I think I got right.

take me back to the middle of nowhere

back to the place only you and i share


 wish I was, I wish I was beside you
If you don't swim, you'll drown, but don't move, honey.
Wreck the plans we had before, let's be unpredictable.
Pick you up if you fall to pieces,
let me be the one to save you. 
A summary of my new Luke Hemmings fanfiction, One Month.
Written in the third person.
One Month
Roquelle is an eighteen-year old girl from San Deigo, California. She, along with her best-friend Macy, are going to Australia for
the whole month of July.
But, quite un-expecdetly, Roquelle stumbles upon a young man names Luke.
Find out about Roquelles past, family and struggles.
And so much more!

Authors Note: So, I know it seems really bad. But it's actually a good story. 100% by me!

So I'm writing a story.
It's a 5sos fanfiction ;)
Summary will be up soon.
Followed shortly by the first chapter.
Unless people hate the summary.
So yeah.

I wish that I could
wake up with amnesia

and forget about the stupid
little things

Post concert depression is the worst.


                       no, I'm really not
                                                      fine at all      tell me this is just a dream      cause I'm really

                    NOT FINE AT ALL     ||||||


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