Flash Quotes

kiss me beneath the milky twilight
lead me out on the moonlit floor
lift your open hand
strike up the band 
and make the fireflies dance

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding


Caught in a phrase, an echo in our minds, a flash, a flood, and it's burned into our eyes.

Are you a camera?
Because I'd like to see you flash

My quote 

eyes like a  shutter.
 mind. like
a lens.

I like watching thunderstorms...
people think I'm weird.
I'm just an outdoorsy person. ;)

boom. boom. flash. 

lightning is just the flash on God's camera when he's taking selfies

I was in a radioshack with my brother while snapchatting my friend
& I thought I'd just take a picture of the cashier while he was cashing us out because, I don't know I was bored.  it was going great until the flash went off


He follows your mouse with his
head and interacts with you. 

How to get one?

Proof: Visit my page to see it in action.
Here's a screen shot(:



That scary moment when you are about to sleep and horror scenes flash in your mind.
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