Flashback Quotes

nothing heals
the past like time

Remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes
I tell myself it's time now
Gotta let go

                                                        I GET SO  
         messed up
                inside like I'm not  

How come nowadays the top quotes are barely 1 fave and a few years ago they went up to about 500 faves?? Where is everyone with the good quotes?? Help Steve!!! 


Just because its old
doesn't mean its lost. ♥

n m f


i hate getting
flashbacks of
things i don't want
to remember

That moment when you smell a random scent and it flashes you back into an old, lost memory from your brain.

I've been browsing through witty since 2008
I've been on this site for 5 years and I'm only 18
I don't know about you guys, but I can't imagine
not checking up on you guys even when I'm 55

Don't fall.
Chapter 15

"Ewww. Look at that cow!"
"Seriously. How fat can she be?"
"MOOOOOOOOOOOO. Want some food?"
"Look at the she-beast."
"What do you guys want?" I asked them.
"Not a fat cheerleaders, that's for sure." They all laughed together.
I walked away.
"Hey. Don't leave cow." They all screamed.
They came after me and one girl grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down.
I felt someone punching me in the stomach. Once. Twice. Three times.
I puked everywhere.
"Look. The cow is already loosing weight."
A fist hit my mouth. 5 times in a row. "I'm gonna make sure hew jaw is swollen shut so she can't eat."
Everyone laughed, the guys video taped.
"What the f/ck is going on here?" A powerful voice said.
Everyone looked up and saw the coach. "What the f/ck happened to her?"
Everyone looked around at each other as the cops got called in.
That was all I remembered until everything went blank.
I woke up in the hospital to my mother sitting next to me, holding my hand.
She was crying when she saw me open my eyes. "You're awake!" She said.
A rush of doctors and assistance came in to treat me.
After that my principal, the police, and my coaches walked in.
They looked at me, "We're so sorry about what happened." They turned to my mom, "Hospital bills and procedures are going to be paid for by the students on the teams." said the police officer.
Coach Amy started speaking, "There will be no varsity cheer team and most of the varsity football players have been suspended for the season. I'm so sorry about what happened." She held my face in her hands. "You didn't deserve that."
They all walked out of the room and I turned to my mom, "What next?" I asked.
She shrugged, "I'm going to talk to your father. Find out if you can spend a year or two with him."
I nodded. "Soon. Please."
She smiled and held my face, "I love you baby." She said as she kissed my cheek.
I shrugged and didn't say a thing.
I was released 9 days later. It was 3 weeks until school ended, I was going to get shipped to my dad as soon as I could.
I logged onto my facebook, twitter, and instagram for the first time in 2 weeks.
There was a lot of hate.
"Drink bleach and die."
"You're fat."
"Cow. MOOOOO."
"Were you getting weight loss surgery?"
I just sat in my room and cried. No one loved me. I was fat and ugly.
I went into the bathroom and puked up everything I had in my body.
I took a razor and slashed at my body.
I was ready to go.

Hi my specatcular readers!

In Love With You
Chapter 2
"Emerson?" I stood staring. I couldn't move. I couldn't breath. I couldn't talk. Only stare. About a year an a half ago I was engaged to the man in front of me. His name is Steven Larson and he almost ruined my life. Let me give you a little back information. About 4 years ago I met Steven. He was a senior and I was a junior who had fallen crazy in love with love. When Steven asked me if I wanted to see a movie I was afraid it was a joke. But we went and had an amazing time. Each day I fell more in love with Steven and was under the impression he was in love with me, too. He proposed the night after I graduated high school and I thought we were going to be together forever. However, he apparently had another thing in mind. And by another thing, I mean another girl. Candace went to college with Steven and apparently they had been seeing each other for most of our relationship. Not all the time. Only when we would argue or when he would become angry because I wouldn't sleep with him. He would go to Candace and she would make him feel better about himself by making herself low and vulnerable. I was so in love with him that whenever I found out about him and Candace, believed him when he said it was over between them and continued planning our wedding as if nothing had happened. But a few months later, Candace was pregnant and the baby was Steven's. He called off the engagement left me all alone.
     "I..uh.." That was the brilliant thing I was able to say to him.
     " Emerson, lets try to put the past behind us and be professional," he said.
    " Okay," I said. 
       We sat there in silence, neither of us saying a word.
     "Okay, so I looked over your appli.." I interupted him saying
      "You know what? I can't do this." I grabbed my bag and practically ran out the door. Tears were springing up in my eyes as I finally made it to the car.

Steven's POV
As Steven stared at the door of his office he thought to himself, "Why did I let her walk out of my life yet again. I love you, Emerson. Always have, Always will."

(Okay Wittians what do you think about Cahpter 2??)
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