Flirt Quotes

stop looking at me stop standing so close to me and please dont smile at me because i cant focus or function when you do those things

This game seems all too familiar.


I'm cold.
You're hot.
Let's cuddle.

"Hey , Can I download your picture? "

"Why ? :-/"

"I just wanna show my friends that angels exist."

" Awwww"

How to flirt with someone in a museum:
introduce yourself then say "i would shake your hand but that sign says not to touch the masterpieces"
It's Not My Fault I'm A Flirt

So my teacher has had a hard time finding the right guy for a really long time and the guys in my class take it upon themselves to unashamedly flirt/compliment her so she feels like she's worth something. May sound creepy to you but I think its a good gesture that secretly makes her happy and thats wonderful.
How normal people flirt:
Hey sexy ;)

How I flirt: 
If you were a tree... you'd be a good tree....
Don't flirt with me or I'll get awkward and cry ok bye
I hate it when people flirt with me although they know I have a boyfriend! Argh!!!
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