Flirty Quotes

I just regret I never asked
Why the hell you so scared of trust
And what the hells inside your soul
Cause i don't believe your smile at all

You're proberly the best invention 
Sliced bread will have to settle for second.


Shapeshifters are supposed to be supernatural charachters, a made up piece of fiction extracted from a persons imagination.
But god, the way you changed so fast, I was almost convinced that they were real. It was quick, like the New Englad weather.
Blazing hot to icy cold in the blink of an eye, completley unpredictable. I never saw it coming.  You loved me with everything 
you had and one day i guess you ran out of love for me and and everything that ever mattered to you. I just hope you shift back
 into the person you used to be,the real you.


what's up with your best friends?
   we could    all have     some fun,     believe me


i don’t like your clothes take them off


hey baby are you into broke unstable losers


If you were a fruit you would be a fineapple

you're insanely cute.

who paid you

Format by Breeze
Apparently this ";]" is my flirty face. Ha.

I got a secret to tell you. I bet you'll never guess.
It has to do with me, you, and the zipper of my dress.


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