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' If I Told You A Flower Grew In A Dark Room , Would You Trust It ? '

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we all get lost sometimes, you know?
it's how we learn and how we grow

You compare me to a flower. But the thing about flowers is that we uproot them for our own pleasures. Pull them from their own wants, their own needs. We take them from where they’re grounded, where they’re safe, where they have grown and made a life for themselves and place them in a pot on a shelf. We take them and destroy them for our own selfish desires. Call them beautiful. But that’s not love. And I’m not a flower. I will not be taken from where I am, where I want to be, to decorate the sill of your bedroom window. I will not be labeled as ‘pretty’ in the last days before my leaves shrivel, before my petals fall, before my life runs out and you find someone else to use as decoration. Love me, you say. You want to uproot me. You want to change me. But I won’t let you. Your love is just like the flower you want me to become. Something that looks pretty, for the time it lasts. Something to adorn your life, to make it beautiful. But kills me in the process. And I won't be destroyed.
     — Marisa Donnelly

each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
something lovely that bloomed from her beautiful mind


A flower can't choose the place where it bloomsand a child can't choose the parents she's born to.

Deep in my bones
I can feel you.

Be like a flower
turn to the sun
Flowers are not shamed by their colours, type or beauty.
So why are we?
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