Fml Quotes

Hey, if you're reading this I miss you much
I wish you were here right now to tell me that stupid boy isn't worth my tears. 
wish you were here to hold me close and make stupid jokes about how you're gonna shoot him when you see him again. 
I wish you were here right now to comfort me and take me to McDonald's and get me that big dumb junky order of fries, a milkshake, and a double cheeseburger, and then make fun of me for dipping the fries in the milkshake. I wish you were here right now to walk 4 miles in the middle of the night Pokémon hunting with me
wish you were here right now to tell me you don't even notice that dumb pimple. 
I wish you were here right now to check up on me every couple of minutes, because I use to get so annoyed. 
wish you were with me giving me advice on what the hell I should do right now
I took you for granted, and I miss you much. 
two bowls
unintentional diet? check
probable relapse? check
still actually not hungry? check

 We've done this all before

We were angels once Don't you remember?


i just feel like i'm never gonna find someone who likes me for me
so my mom told me she paid all my doctor bills from forever ago when I didnt have a job, and I havent gone to the doctor ever since, and yet I have bad credit despite never having a credit card because my mom never actually paid it. lmao. like you could have told me that months ago so I could have worked on NOT being $800 in debt. i didnt even want/need the doctor. she forced me to go for a bunch of stupid crap. ugh, i hate my life.
so, the guy I liked told me he broke up with his girlfriend. he was sending me innapropriate things, wanting to get with me. he blocked me. and went to my mom's work (which he knew my mom worked there, and that I was close with everyone there) WITH his longterm girlfriend who he lives with. all of that happened within like 24 hours. I have the worst luck with men.
i accidentally mentioned my tumblr to my friend and she was like 'cAN I SEE??' and she looked so hopeful i couldn't say no but it was so bad lmaoooo i was just scrolling going like 'gay, gay, snake, gay, alien, gay, space, art, gay, VELOCIRAPTOR,  sarcasm, gay, gay, space, gay'
and this is why i regret sports anime
this is why i regret ,,

 I wrote you a letter today,
confessing my love.
Handed it to you, told you to read it at the end of the day
so when you did, you couldn't see my face.
Placed it in your hands and walked away.
School let out, I went to my good friend
and muttered, " I'm really nervous."
and she looked at me with wide eyes,
and whispered, " Oh, Linds.. she has a girlfriend. "

My heart sank. My heart broke. My heart crumbled in a lot of unfixable parts.
I should've asked before, I swear I didn't know.

I don't think I can face you again.
But eventually I will, because you're my best friend.

10 years, we've been together
And look at what I've done.


    I can't stand the person I've become...
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