Forever Quotes

We were only supposed to be friends, bonding over situational circumstances, somewhere down that road we became much more than that and now I don't ever imagine a day without you.
we can stay forever young
living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola
underneath the rising sun

I've been thinking about your kiss pressed
to the flat of my shoulder blade at 3 a.m.,
and what forever feels like, and what the
difference is between the two. I remember
standing in the snow, both of your
hands encasing mine, with all of our
promises in our palms. They were precious,
and sparkling, and we kept them warm.
I want to worry about white bedsheets,
and burning dinner, but I don't know how
to do that when I'm worrying about getting
through each night. I still have the picture
from the night you tried to save me.
I'm sorry, it didn't work.

"Ɲєνєя ѕαу "fσяєνєя",

'cαυѕє fσяєνєя'ѕ α Ɩιє"


-𝒮𝓉𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒮𝑜𝓊𝓇

I will love you
With the dust of who I was,
With the skin that I am now,
And with the bones
That will one day decorate my tomb.

Christopher Poindexter

I feel like I fancy people too easily but not often & not necessarily the right people.
I love that word. Forever. I love that forever doesn’t exist, but we have a word for it anyway, and use it all the time. It’s beautiful and doomed.

" forever and always"
- he said
" we move into together, get a kitten, make our own place."
- he sai

" I love you and I just want to be your someone you can trust "
-he sai

" I can't picture my life without you."
- he sai

" you are a liar "
- I said 
"I never lie"
- he said 

" where'd my person go, why are our plans on her newsfeed,  why haven't we talked?"
 - i say everyday.

" It's my fault I know.." 
- i miss him
When you stop and take a good look around,
you freeze and rethink of all the good things and bad things that have happened to you.
 You never think the last time is the last time.
You never think you'd be thinking about a life without that certain someone,
you don't think time would stop ticking.
You freeze and feel empty, but you stop looking around you
take a deep breath in and know that it's in the past.
You can let the past destroy you or you can learn from it.
I am still learning how to let me past teach me.
I'm still healing, time takes forever.
 I am learning how to slow down and for the time being,
I'm enjoying myself and being myself.
But sometimes I wonder
who am I, where do I belong, what am I doing.  

Forever is a long time.
I wouldn't mind it with you.

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