Foreveralone Quotes

i hate picking partners in class because i normally end up being the one without a partner...
I see relationships everywhere and I am here... alone in the corner.
you're so cute, but you only see me as a friend
You know its time to turn the internet off for awhile when you see Valentines day memes all over....
Things Im good at: Video Games, work, setting up electronics, eating

Things I'm bad at: Talking to women, Life in general
Normal girls: I want a bae that plays football and has a cute butt with cute manners
Me: I want a cat that won't run away
Some guys are just a waste of feelings
We have a long history together and i don't really know if that's a good thing or bad. I have to admit i love the little games you play, one day you wann talk the next it's like i don't exsist in your crazy little world. But please just do me a favor, tell me how you feel i'll accept it either way, just please?
When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, 
Me, being the witty little teenage girl I am, replied "A boyfriend."

She bought me a Justin Beiber doll.
It sings.

It sings a song called boyfriend.

thanks mom.

James Bond:
—I'm Bond. James Bond.
—I'm alone. Forever alone.

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