Fridge Quotes

When I see you, I am happy, I love you not for what you look like, I love you for what you have inside. -Me to my fridge
"May I introduce to you, for the very first time Mr.& Mrs. Fridge."
"My fridge is full you want to be my friend now don't you huh huh!?"

I am as graceful as a fridge falling down a flight of stairs

They told me I was going to fall in love one day; I did.
But sadly, my fridge is on life support from my kitchen
and it can't get to the wedding.
I'd call a doctor, but I'm afraid that he'd steal her dressing
and I'd have to start screaming,
"Get your hands off my lady!"
and the last time I tried that I got some weird looks.
If im bored, i open up the fridge 9 times i a row. 

Me:*Eating during class*
Me:*Pulls out crisps*
Me:*Pulls out oreos*

Boy:Do you have a fridge in your bag or something?
Me:I wish

Single Taken Eating

I've found myself having a better relationship with my fridge than my girlfriend
Me, the fridge, and chocolate
A love story
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