Friend Quotes

dont stray its okay
I'm sorry
for saying something
I shouldn't have
and another something
I took so long.
I thought of what you said,
It's hard to think the same,
But it's not wrong either
It won't probably be constant
Time will tell

But, where is she in my time?
But I got proved right over and over again,
What have I done now.
Who was I to tell you that
when I did the same.
Why did I have to choose
when all I wanted was to be treated well.
In the end I'm just blaming you
But I wish you well.
I'm sorry.
What even makes a friend? 
someone who stays? 
you were the first to tell me to stay happy.
I dont even know if you even know that you stepped up for me at the beginning of the darkest times in my life and I didn’t even need to tell you that anything was wrong. Somehow you knew and you didn’t let me be alone.

I’m sorry I didn’t do the same for you
So close yet so far away,

My eyes are just sweating,

It's okay really. 

I hoped for it to stay the same last time,
Time does change things.
Please let it stay the same,
This one time?It feels nice to be lucky.
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