Friend Quotes

you're the light
that makes my darkness disappear


You needing a friend who does not bring mental turmoil, who does not bring horrible baggage, a friend who is not a monster, not a hypocryoite, a friend who you can say anything to, a friend to hug, a friend to.squeeze their hand, a friend to bring laughter, a friend to talk about such cool stuff, a friend who does not mind a frumpy outfit, fuzzy slippers, a shirt six sizes to big, a friend who.smiles and searches for your smile.

FYI: having depression isn't an excuse for being unnecessarily nasty to people who've done nothing to you. It does not give you a free pass to be an a.sshole.
not dead yet
Dear old friend,
I miss you.
If you are ever by yourself or feel as though you are completly alone in life remember, not only are you never completly alone and there will always be someone who is willing and wants to be there for you, but also that if you feel that way there are at least 20 other people that feel the same way you do at the same time somewhere in the world. And despite the distance you are united as a whole.
It's funny how you're nice to my face. It's hilarious how you talk sh1 t behind my back. And it's downright comical that you think I'm unaware.
The dog

says he loves you
A crack in the heavens a rainbow is seen
cares for you takes you on walks and drives
I am safe because of you

He is allusive foreign
Monsters defeated flowers are gone
e students are gone
Hedgehogs guarding

The chipmunks hiding
Song birds silent in my dreams
aemons in hiding for fear of light
Old man cactus standing guarding

Beautiful smiles such hope
Little ones laughing calling to you
gination and reality colliding
The moon concealed

Sit here in the dark with me
Accept the silence
It is hard to keep believing
I live I survive one minute to the next
I can promise no more
I do not trust myself
Will you be here tomorrow?
I have no more energy for courage
I battle for life everyday
Soon it will be too late
A friend a second heart
A kindness a gesture a smile
I love being my best friends best friend.
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