Friends Quotes

Look! It's not raining, It's snowing.

Such sweet surrounding
I want to stay here forever.
Maybe it was a bit too much
I'm sorry
hey so you know all those people who love talking to you and who want you around?

they see what i see

i see what they see

you just breathe and we will keep being your eyes
Does truth always hurt?
I like you and
I don't expect the same back
But i wish I was good at lying.

I'd like to pick the shell I dropped
in the big ocean.
But I wish because I lost you somewhere,
Deep down.

I'd like to help you see the sky,
and I'll find a way.
I'm so happy
i hope keeping my friends in my heart is enough to keep them warm
Oh what the heck, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy too. 
If you wouldn't invite them to your birthday party, does it really matter what they think of you?
Anyone want to be online friends? whats your @ on social media? needing to people to talk with.
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