Friendship Quotes

cant seem to leave my past behind, cuz all the ones I hope to stay  are all the ones  who fade away
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I hang on every word you say. I don't know how you made me this way, but if I look into your eyes long enough, I'd fall in. Don't give me that coy smile, I'll pass out. Why are you so magnetic? It's not fair. Who let you look that pretty? When you reach for my hand, I still blush. When will these girly feelings subside? When you lean in my heart skips a beat, why are you trying to kill me? I need my heart, give it back. Don't bite your lips, I've banned you from doing that. I hate it, I hate it. Who taught you that? It's's embarrassing how it affects me. So no more of that. Who let you be that handsome? Why do I still blush when we're up against a corner? Don't smile at me so wide, my head hurts. Don't get too close, I might puke from the cuteness. Don't call me late at night, I might be stupid enough to give in, you loser. You've got me under some love spell, give me the remedy. Hypnotised or cursed, I'm still not sure, but...oh God, I love you.
I let you in and you open up to me. You let me in and I open up to you. I love the feeling of getting to know you. Time doesn't matter, it stops for just us. I love opening up to you. I want you to know me better. I want you to know everything. I want to be with you, always. I never want to leave when we're together like this. Let's go on for another hour. I want to stay like this. Tell me more about your passions. Peel away the layers, tell me your fears. I love it when we're one like this. Let's just stay like this. Time has stopped for the both of us. I love opening myself up to you. I let you in and you make it all better. All that's happened doesn't matter. Whatever will happen doesn't matter. Just keep your phone off and eyes on mine. Let's go on for another hour.
you know I like you don't you ...
Do you really need to hear me say it?

Because I'm afraid that I know what you will say
it's gonna break me isn't it

you make me want to take that leap ... but will you be there if do ?

Do you like fast food?

Have you and a best friend
ever thought a though
at the same moment
even though thousands
of miles apart?

A memory hidden in a dark corner.

A homeless lady crossed my path.
Such fears she had, let down by all.
Memories flooding, many years gone by.
Her dream a home for her and her dog
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