Friendship Quotes

Something is wrong with me
I can't stop thinking of you.
You'll always be my doraemon.
I'll always be your nobita.
rorororor ferrocious beings

Baby can you see it
He said he remembered 

Can you?
Please tell me you can

Why do I cry everytime I hear your name
I'm supposed to be happy, right?

He still cares
Wish you believed that as well

Baby your friend is just like you,
What am i doing talking to her like I did with you.
You were right,
We did get a lot of typing mannerisms from him.
You made your own thing,
I'm calling her mommy now,
She's calling me baby,
She told me about her.
She told me her time with you.

Oddly It feels good.

That was a lot of onions that you've cut 

Will it ever be enough? No
Will you get past it? No

I really forgot what i had,
You reminded me
But I forgot.

Never felt like such a disgrace.
Never felt so lost.

I want to start over,
with you again.

Why aren't you coming back?
Do you not hear my calls?

You still left anyways.
Screw the rainbows
Because there's only ever storms.

You were taken away by the storm
It's pouring all the way down.

It's not snowing,
It's hailing.

I'm still here
but you're not breathing.

It's not in better hands,
I don't have the hope,
You did, you were my hope.

Come back,
You promised.
You didn't keep that promise.

Such sweet surrounding
I want to stay here forever.
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