Best Friendship Quotes This Year

To think it's been 8 years since I've been on here.
Seeing old quotes and remembering all those feelings I had years ago.
Just wow
Look how far I've come.
is anyone still on witty?
this isnt love

this is you using me to love yourself even more

you look like yourself 
but you're somebody else

East Coast Gothic
foggy piers
something large and unknown washing up onto the shore
the end of the beach disappearing into the storm
shade of the forest, leaving patterned shadows and tricking your eyes
overgrown tombstones
old houses painted black, shuttered windows
an outbuilding in the middle of the woods, the forest has moved inside
you know someone lives there
figures between the trees, whispering



It's not like you've done anything remarkably wicked, I just hate us together. 
there was 

a time

when I

thought I'd




now the day bleeds
into nightfall

i promise you

it'll all make sense again
I think it's so important to cherish a person who listens thoughtfully to everything you have to say
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