Frustrated Quotes

i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't want you back
Do you ever get those splintering migraines
where you literally can't concentrate on anything
and just want to punch everyone?
I'd rather have you reject me than mess with my feelings. 
"People are like: Why don't you straighten your hair all the time?"
Me: Because I don't need fake curls like you do."
I'm so frustrated with college, work, my relationship, and all people. I'm frustrated with life.
I just want to scream, and fight, and cry. Help.
I just want to run away and scream at the top of my lungs.

When you get comfy in bed
and realize you forgot to do something.


I hate when I'm upset and just want to cry but have

to hold it in because I have no where to be alone
When I'm frustrated at someone I like to imagine them being smacked with a d!ck.
Not mine of course..
I want to hurt them not kill them
I couldn't taste a single piece of food or drink today cos of my flu and my blocked nose, it was so frustrating! 
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