Frustration Quotes

who ever heard of an aromantic who writes loves stories gdi
"Everyone loves himself,
but loving others is the most daunting task.
In fact, the key reason for feeling low, hurt, rejected or dejected in one’s life is that he expects the same level of love from others as he loves himself."
~Anuj Somany
I just want someone to pin my back against the wall and kiss me..
Is that too much to ask for?
Sometimes you just have to scream at the top of your lungs then just cry it all out

if somone tells you you have pretty eyes, don't be like they're just brown/green/blue/grey/hazel. TAKe the compliment and leave it alone. 

i'm trying to be nice for christ's sake. Don't be an a-hole! I could tell you your eyes are f.king ugly! Would you rather that?!

Shopping for dresses makes me feel all pretty and

swimsuit shopping on the otherhand

practically leaves me in tears.
Since young, I wasn't really taught by my parents on 'how to love'. Life used to be very easy for me as we could afford to buy anything we wanted without complaints. I basically just did anything I wanted to, it was easy; but coming to reality right now when I'm becoming older, it's hard to accept people's love. I've rejected many, I've given many, I've learnt a lot. I've tried to be a good person, it didn't help much - I got betrayed, got played, got cheated, got fooled; and then I became a bad person, it was great - made enemies with many and I had friends whom actually are still friends with me since young. I tried being a nicer person again, but however with me doing so, things don't go the way I want them to, you know? I had to overcome being lied to and being fooled, it's not so nice. Once, I felt like I've begun to like this significant other, so I took a chance into talking to him, trying to make friends with him, trying to make him comfortable talking to me; I had to be nice. But you know what? He demanded for things, things I couldn't give. I tried so hard to avoid some topics I wouldn't go through with him, I tried so hard, but he just kept coming and coming. Demanding, for more...and more. Trust, is hard. Being nice is such a misery, I'd always have to remind myself not to hurt anyone's feelings, but now, I really can't. When people are too nice, other people treat it as an advantage to take over. I really don't know to whether be nice or not.
People getting things or people they don't deserve makes me question why I even try to do the right thing and be a good person
Here we go again!
I just spent the past hour
strategically playing my ps3
game, only to run out of ammo
Like, I'm going to have
to go stand in the line of fire just
so I die and my game resets to right
before the ambush. And, I mean,
that isn't that far, at all.. but I WAS
It took
forever to slowly lure my enemies
to me to their inevitable demise.
Like, I'm horrible when it comes
to ranged weapons on video 
games, so slowly having them 
come to me was important vs.
going in shooting everything up
like a mad man, important and
.UCKING AMMO. idk, I'm tired,
I have a headache, I fancy a soda
(soda that I do not posess at this
moment in time, but none-the-less, fancy),
and this may mean diddly squat to you but 
this is like a huge slap in the face, man.

lol nah, I'll most likely delete this because
no one cares. pretty pointless but yknow
I have no friends to express my frustration
to, so f.ucking deal (in a nice way.)

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