Fucklife Quotes

I need a reminder that I matter 
I can not see straight lately.

Where does my help come from?

I don't want to go down this road again...
Oh hello suicidal thoughts. Nice to meet you.
All I wanted was someone to believe in me but everyone seems to have given up on me.....
even you....
..i have so many reasons to cry tonight..
..so many reasons..
"And will we ever..end up together?
No, I think not, it's never to become

For I am not the one."
My World Is Crashing, I Don't Think I'll Survive Without Him..
I Don't Think Witty Is Useful For Me Anymore.. Im Leaving Soon.. Don't KNow When, One Day Im Going To Just Leave.. And Lest You R.I.P. <3- And Thats A Promiss :)
It's like one moment i'm happy,
The next you aren't okay with that,
so we both suffer instead.
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