Funny Quotes

Whena  woman says


It's not because she didn't hear you,

She's giving you chance to change what you said.
Stop complaining about being single.

We have much bigger problems

Like why the h-ll McDonalds doesn't serve breakfast past 10:30!
You know that tingly feeling you
get when you like somebody?

Yeah, that's common sense leaving your body.
Between two evils,

I always pick the one

I haven't tried yet.

If you don't smile,

if you are not positive,

it doesn't matter.

Just be sexy
I love finding money in my clothes

It's like a gift to me

From me!
Grandma: .Merry Christmas
Me: Grandma no it's thanksgiving.
Grandma: Oh. Merry Thanksgiving

                                   - Che, ¿vos sos Clara?
                                   - Claro.
                                    - Perdón señor.

I met this girl and she looks exactly like Ashley Tisdale

Her name is Maddi like from Suite Life of Zach and Cody

I bet you guys don't know how happy I am

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. 
If they yawn too, they were probably staring
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