Funny Quotes

If you do not know how it feels like to get no more than
a total of three hours of sleep out of two days
then please feel free to get the hell away from me while I'm sleeping
and not direct lights or make noises near me thank you very much.
i may be bad
but im perfectly good
be a


not an

e c h o
its funny
the thing that says
is whats causing you
the most
d o n t
t r e a d
o n
m e

Immature people always want to win arguments
even at the cost of a relationship.....

Mature ones prefer losing an argument
just to uphold a golden relationship.

Whenever you feel like giving up,
think of all the people that would love to see you fail.

He who has a mistaken idea of life,
will always have a mistaken idea of death.

-Leo Tolstoy

I am intrigued by that class of humans
who feel indescribable ecstatic happiness
just because they didn’t die last night!

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