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If you ever feel bad about yourself,
just remember that when I was in
eighth grade I didn't know what it
meant to be a vir.gin and when one of
my guy friends asked me if I was one
I said no


They assume I'm lonely because I don't acept most of the inviations to parties. What they don't know is that when I refuse, the motive lies within loneliness concept itself: I always feel alone, speechless and interestless when I'm near shallow, empty and brainless people which purpose in life lies in taking selfies of their degradating bodies and souls - and by that, trying to, even though epicly failling, how well succeeded they are in social activity.

Their shallowness is so deep that you feel tempted to take them by profound people.

Say "Alpha" And
"Q"  Fast!!!
Fav *💝* This if

you get it.. 
warning you have the right to remain an idiot anything u do or say will be ignored
(Btw this was not meant to harm anyone)
Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you are finished! :))))
TEMPTATION Do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering............
Earlier today...

Me: *Sitting in car with window rolled down*

Beggar: Please for something.

Me: *hands him a dollar*

Beggar: Thank you baby. You're very beauitful you know that?

Me: *silently panics*

Beggar: Would you like to be a part of my future?

Me: Please move from the window.

Beggar: I joke. You're gonna die alone. *walks away*
You're using your headphones
to drown out your mind. 
MOM: Sarah, come here, now!
ME: ok...
MOM: *gives me a pair of shoes*
ME: Oh, thank god..
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