Funny Quotes

sometimes i feel forgotten forgotten like one b**b during f*replay
Girls and Guys who cheat should get hit by a Bus :D and Not Die but get all their Bones Fractured!!
if you stick your d*** at the wrong doors, it will get slammed at...ouch!!

I have the power to become invisible. And tbh, right now I am standing right next to you.
*evil smile*

I'M 20!

Calling all


I need a plot for a 5-10 min animation by thursday.
So far all i have is:
-Girl sees the world is not a nice place
-Attempts to fix this (how does she do it? Using magic, or is this story based in reality? I don't know!!)
-Something bad happens and she realises she needs to undo everything (or not, if you think of a better plot line)
-Things go back to the way they were, but just that little bit better.

I am so bad at thinking of stories,
you're gonna regret not texting me
back when i drop this selfie


I lay awake and thought about the girls he was kissing. I wondered if they looked like me; if they tasted the same. I thought how passion had a taste.
Be Messing With Me Cuz I Play Stardoll :3 HAHA! U Might Never Know I Might Be Crazy And Have A Knife In My Hand :3 MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

I dress to impress myself.
- Kanye West

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