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We had an excursion the other day and we got to spend an hour or so shopping when it finished, and while we were on the bus ride back to school all of a sudden this guy from my class goes "OH NO!" since he'd forgotten to buy his girlfriend a gift from a store he knew she liked. And so us girls spent the rest of the ride back consoling him and giving him tips for a better gift. Lol. I consider the guys at my school to be scum, but I'll admit that that was adorable.


But you expect me to,
jump up on board with you.
And ride off into your delusional sunset.



Oh stop it,

And I just want you to know

That I will remember

for the rest of my days

how you helped me find

some happiness and some truths

and how you opened some

beautiful doors.

I'll never forget

How good it was

To share a part of my life

With yours.
Forget F*ck Buddies,
I just want a Cuddle Buddy.
"My life started as soon as you stepped into it"
Love is a magnificent feeling.Everyone or the other has surely experienced love in their life time.
Many say that love can only end in sorrow but that is definitely not true.
it's funny how you don't think that is bothering me.
• I love my HATERS. They spend so much. time thinking about me. Aren't they sweet?• ~bee-bur~

Everytime they want me to open up, 
they just give me another reason not to.
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