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I'm just a girl with a song in her head and a guy in her heart
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I find witty boring because I don't see any interesting quotes. 
but then, I realize I't my fault. 
I don't follow interesting people. 
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"What's that guys name.... from Attack on Titan...? Marr-...Marc..."
"OH YEAH! I forgot the other half."
You know the quote ''Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies''? What if when we are born we take half of the soul of another person that died just now and our soulmate has taken the other half, and we have to find the other half of our souls?
mom: Blake why are you so fat? 
Me: Your the one who feeds me. its your fault

I was hoping for a battle of wit but you appear to be unarmed...

Isn't it scary that doctors call what they do practice?
"Let's watch a scary movie!"
After the movie.....
" uh bae walk me to the bathroom".
I'm that kind of person that wants to get good grades,but dosent want to study.
Women are like angels.
When somebody breaks our wings,we simple continue to fly, on a broomstick.
e're flexible like that!
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