Funny Quotes

Genie: Pretty? Aladdin: Beautiful! She's got the eye's that just- and this hair, wow, and her smile! *grins foolishly*
ever think that one of the people on witty right now could be on their toilet taking a dump as they add a quote. are you that person? weird.
those awesome moments with your best friends.....
walking on the streets, shouting "asparagus" at passing cars.

i searched ''butt'' on google images when my sister next to me. she freaked out. lol. now she has the song ''wiggle'' by jason derulo stuck in her head. we didn't listen to that song...
Everyone, will make a mistake.
I just need to make one more.
You're tryna be cool, you look like a fool to me

Reading over your quotes
and wondering why
you don't have more

just wittian things

                                                          Anti-depressants+ Upbeat music
                                                                              =  Total state of happiness
Can I have him for my birthday?
there are many pros to netflix.
however, netflix has made me 
realize that the gorillas on tarzan
all shared the male gorilla. like
he produced all them babies.
and idk, I always thought Karla
and him were like an exclusive
thing. sure, you get ad free tv
shows and movies, but at what
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