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I hate it when I'm on the treadmill and accidentally hit the stop button and go to chipotle and eat a burrito.
Describe your s6x life using SpongeBob quotes:

Me: Are you ready kids?

What makes is me laugh is that we compete for superiority when we're really all just the same thing:
a mushy fist-sized organ controlling a bag of meat.

An SQL query walks into a bar. He goes to two tables set beside each other and asks:

"Can I join you?"

Stop telling me that my interests are just a 'phase'.

Stop telling me that all my depression, all my problems are just  'hormones'.

Stop telling me that I do not know what I want emotionally at the moment but expect to decide on the type of career I'll want for the rest of my life.

Stop treating me like a joke and telling me that everything I feel, want and have is not valid until I graduate high school, get a boring job and live a boring life filled with enough materialistic stabilities to start taking my emotions into consideration for once.

"truth or dare"


"Order us pizza"
What do you call the font used in Braille?

Sans Oculus.
After much research and consideration about adulthood, I've decided it's not for me. Thank u for the opportunity.

might be

mporarily Blind,
((Because I'm not wearing my Glasses))          
I'm not Stupid.

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So I meet Prince Charming, &
is that when I get my
magic powers and become
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