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.....a new book!!!


I love my profile picture. 
Its so manly. :') 

My boyfriend told me to lose weight. 
I told him to get out of my house. 

I'm not being mean. 
I'm being honest. 
There's a difference between being mean and being honest. 

I think its hilarious when somebody acts as if they're special when really they're just like everybody else. 
They shower naked. 
They breathe oxygen.
They eat and drink to survive. 
They pick their nose sometimes. 
They're nothing special. 

I love you like I love music.

I love you like you love dirt bikes.

my dad went to his friends house
and i came too.
this guys house was like a fantasy museum.
there were dragons and swords all over the place.
He had a coffee table covered with candles.
he had a blow torch in one hand, and was melting them down
so the wax was streaming, mixing an pooling off the edges and it looked amazing.

then he looked at me and said, "hi. do you wanna try?" and handed me the blowtorch.
I was like, woah. this guy trusts that i wont burn down his house.
parents: this is how its done.

The Uhhh fact #112
A high school in Pennsylvanian issued a macbook to each of its 2,306 students, then remotely activated the webcams to spy on the students at home. .

hey, if anyone's up for
 putting up          with me for a day or          two in summer 2015, you let me       feaking know
'cause I'm travelling and I will 100% come and visit you.


Summer 2014
 was basically my two best friendships coming around and

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